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Voice Couple-pen
Brand new voice recorder with pen
All of these problems can be resolved by Voice Couple-Pen

Product No 

Voice Couple-Pen is brand new fancy voice recorder with pen activating with one touch of record button for 15-second length of recording when you need to write down memo or record important messages.

Recording 15-second length of information
In study
- class, lecturing and homework note
Memorizing important note
- recording passing idea and important message even while driving
Special gift for special day
- For Christmas, Valentine day, White day, graduation/entrance and ceremonies

Product Features 

Brand new voice recorder with pen

Why don't you call me a recorder?

- Need to jot down, but you don't have a pen?
- You are struck with a new idea but you don't have any paper to jot down?
- Need to take a memo while driving?
- Want to send a special message of love to the loved one?
All of these problems can be resolved by Voice Couple-Pen.


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