• Skin care products

    Skin care products

    Skin Care Products of AHRONG ELTECH have features of; Color Therapy/ Ultrasonic Vibration Therapy/ Titanium plated head/ 7 Massage Programs/ Compact Design

  • Ultrasonic massager

    Ultrasonic massager

    Ultrasonic Massager of AHRONG ELTECH offers ultrasound vibration of high speed and convenience with a charger / wireless / time-control function offered.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine/ Ultrasound Massager by AHRONG ELTECH is of tiny & pretty design with features of; ultrasonic vibration / level & time control

  • Anti aging skin products

    Anti aging skin products

    Anti Aging Skin Products of AHRONG ELTECH are easy to use with wireless function & simple operation buttons Anti-trouble with titanium coated massager head

  • Ultrasonic cleaner

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaner/ Personal skin care massager by AHRONG ELTECH removes wrinkles, sebum, and keratin, turning rough/dry skin to mositurized/smooth skin.

  • Ultrasonic facial massager

    Ultrasonic facial massager

    Ultrasonic Facial Massager of AHRONG ELTECH is renowned with the benefits of ultrasound, vibration with FIR lamp, time & level control, color therapy.

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